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Cultivation Online

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Chapter 311 Studying Sword Aura room labored
One hundred… two hundred… three hundred strikes.
The subsequent early morning, Meixiu awakened to find out Yuan’s condition, but alas, he was still in the game.
“Overlook Lan talked about until this place is flanked by Sword Atmosphere. Seeing that I’m a Heart Warrior again, I will use my Divine Sense. Let’s check if I could see this Sword Aura with my Divine Sense…”
“This feeling… Enlightenment?” Yuan mumbled in a reduced voice as his intellect drifted.
The following a . m ., Meixiu woke up to discover Yuan’s state, but alas, he was still within the online game.
But alas, he was cannot ‘see’ this Sword Atmosphere. On the other hand, with that being said, he could sensation an different aura across the temple.
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But not planning to disturb him, Meixiu quietly set his dinner time during the refrigerator before getting in touch with it an evening.
As a result, from nighttime to sunrise, Yuan examined the Sword Atmosphere in interest, much like he was mesmerized by its living.
As soon as he was full of vitality once more, Yuan employed his Divine Good sense to examine the Sword Atmosphere throughout the spot, along with the longer he looked at it, the better he recognized it— at least that was the impression he was getting.
“Hahaha! As predicted of Disciple Yuan! His talents know no range!” Very long Yijun laughed out loud.
As soon as he was stuffed with power again, Yuan employed his Divine Sense to inspect the Sword Aura around the area, and the longer he considered it, a lot more he comprehended it— no less than that has been the sense he was receiving.
Meixiu nodded and stated, “I actually have some media in your case regarding Yuan.”
Inside the morning, Yuan retrieved his Divine Feel and required an in-depth inhale afterward.
Abruptly, Yuan withstood up within his mind, and the man handled the physique.
Having said that, Yuan didn’t cease and persisted to strike the stone pill.
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When all of the sword marks were ended up, the shape frequent the measures and smacked the material pill with its sword by using exactly the same actions, this also scene recurring tens— hundreds of instances within Yuan’s head.
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A short while later, the material capsule came back to the genuine develop with a lot of sword scars into it.
From the daytime, Yuan retrieved his Divine Sense and got an in-depth inhale afterward.
“Sibling Yuan?” Xiao Hua was the person to behave upon seeing and hearing his identify, and she quickly inquired, “Have you considered Buddy Yuan?!”
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After he was full of electricity again, Yuan applied his Divine Feel to inspect the Sword Aura round the position, and the longer he investigated it, the greater number of he grasped it— a minimum of that has been the experience he was receiving.
Out of the blue, Yuan endured up in his intellect, and this man approached the physique.
However, inside Mystic Realm, Yuan spends another hour or so studying the material tablet computer.
Meixiu nodded, “Sure, We have a way of contacting Yuan.”
“What?! 5th stage Character Warrior?! But he’s only been interior for any morning!” Elder Shan exclaimed inside of a shocked sound.
After eye-catching the stone pill numerous situations within his mind, fully unbeknownst to him, a serious aura that resembled Sword Atmosphere started developing around Yuan’s real entire body!
“Brother Yuan?” Xiao Hua was the person to act in response upon listening to his identify, and she quickly asked, “Have you thought about Brother Yuan?!”
Meixiu nodded, “Indeed, I have got an approach of making contact with Yuan.”
“What? How can you tell that? Would you make contact with him in some way?” Very long Yijun considered her having a deal with of disbelief. How could one particular get hold of an individual that’s within the Mystic Realm? He has never come across this just before.
Suddenly, he started shutting down his eyes, experience a common feel overwhelm his physique.
1 hundred… two hundred… three hundred attacks.
“He’s still within the match?” Following preparing supper, Meixiu waited for Yuan to come out of this game, but finally, he stayed inside the video game.

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