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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
Chapter 2083 windy vigorous
But his Lord was going to allow them to drive them just like this?!
“Put it lower!”
“Then I’ll bring you to view Daddy, all right?” Ye Wanwan smiled.
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Who are they?!
Nameless Nie turned around and investigated Jiang Yan without the tiniest alternation in his phrase. “Rob? I’m transferring my brother-in-law’s points. Precisely what the h*ll does it have to do with you?”
“Then go notify Grandpa and Granny that you’re about to school… You mustn’t slip up, ok?” Ye Wanwan carefully instructed.
But… regardless of whether he was Young Master’s grandfather, wasn’t he planning too far?! Who would move points from somebody else’s storage containers similar to this?!
Jiang Yan considered the person close to him.
Tangtang considered it before replying, “That’s okay.”
Ye Wanwan: “…”
“My Lord, look at them! They aren’t members of the Nie household! They’re clearly a small group of bandits!” Jiang Yan was enraged.
Ye Wanwan investigated Tangtang, her view switching before she expected, “Tangtang, do you need to see Daddy?”
Tangtang contemplated it before replying, “That’s okay.”
In comparison to Nameless Nie along with his crew, the Fearless Alliance was almost nothing.
“My Lord…”
“Okay.” Tangtang nodded.
Jiang Yan inserted Si Yehan’s business office and considered Si Yehan. “My Lord, that Nameless Nie came… and introduced an organization with him. They’re acquiring anything worthwhile like a small group of bandits, along with the equipment we simply got.”
“My Lord…”
Tangtang seriously considered it before responding, “That’s good.”
Jiang Yan looked incredibly improbable.
On the other hand, Nameless Nie and the team didn’t seem to have listened to him. People were immersed in their own individual environment and wholly focused on shifting the items, mumbling to theirselves.
“Then go tell Grandpa and Grandmother that you’re planning to school… You mustn’t fall up, alright?” Ye Wanwan carefully instructed.
“Then I’ll take you to view Daddy, all right?” Ye Wanwan smiled.
Having said that, the Asura members didn’t dare to bar Nameless Nie since he was the uncle of Younger Learn of Asura!
When Jiang Yan endured in the warehouse and noticed Nameless Nie planning to shift the freight people were on the verge of deal with other factions, he was instantly enraged and screamed.
Tangtang contemplated it before responding, “That’s okay.”
These were freaking shadier compared to the Fearless Alliance!
Jiang Yan was dumbfounded. The items Nameless Nie and the class were shifting ended up items these folks were going to trade with several other factions…
“That’s proper! Our captain is Tangtang’s genuine uncle, and Lord Asura is Tangtang’s actual father, so what on earth whenever we relocate several things? Is there something wrong with this, huh?!” Taoist Devotee vehemently nodded in binding agreement.
“Great, Buddy-In-Rules! I’ll take Tangtang below to perform on you for a few days shortly!” Nameless Nie waved at Si Yehan once you have into his car or truck.

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